von Hövel Scharzhofberg Riesling Auslese 2010

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"Botrytis has brought some bitter notes into prominence in the von Hovel 2010 Scharzhofberger Riesling Auslese, which displays peach kernel, lime zest, and smoky black tea accents to its peach and lime. There is also a suggestion of crushed stone in this tight, bright rendition of Auslese from the top reaches of the Scharzhofberg that, for all of its sweetness, comes off as almost austere. The density and sheer persistence here are admirable, and one wants to revisit this to see how the botrytis element integrates and whether the wine acquires some textural allure." - David Schildknecht (199, The Wine Advocate)
Allergene: enthält Sulfite
Basis: Riesling
Farbe: Weiß
Jahrgang: 2010
Marke: von Hövel
Alkoholgehalt in % vol: 8,0 % vol
Herstellungsland: Deutschland
Region: Mosel/Saar
Rebsorte(n): Riesling
Abfüller: Weingut Von Hövel, Agritiusstraße 6, D - 54329 Konz
Volumen: 750 mL
Weintyp: Weißwein
Verpackung: Flasche (Korken)
Lebensmittelspezifikationen: Alkoholhaltig
Artikelgewicht: 1,50 Kg
Inhalt:0,75 l
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