von Hövel Kanzemer Hörecker *Riesling Spätlese* 2008

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  • 90/100 Robert Parker's Wine Advocate
"The thousand liters of 2008 Kanzemer Hohecker Riesling Spatlese one star - from a von Kunow's monopole nearly surrounded by the more famous Altenberg - were extremely slow to finish fermenting. Almost shockingly pungent notes of mint and pennyroyal in the nose presage a palate of piquant spiciness and tart rhubarb and apple fruit, allied to crushed stone and seemingly crystalline mineral impingements. Saline, faintly sweaty notes add to the intrigue of a long, stimulating finish. The overall effect is highly invigorating and this should be worth following for a decade or more, and unlike the corresponding Scharzhofberger, it makes sense here to give the wine a few years' bottle age before revisiting. Although he did not de-acidity this particular wine, it was kept analytically a bit lower in residual sugar than von Kunow's two other 2008 Spatlesen." - David Schildknecht (187, The Wine Advocate)
Allergene: enthält Sulfite
Basis: Riesling
Farbe: Weiß
Jahrgang: 2008
Marke: von Hövel
Alkoholgehalt in % vol: 8,5 % vol
Herstellungsland: Deutschland
Region: Mosel/Saar
Rebsorte(n): Riesling
Abfüller: Weingut Von Hövel, Agritiusstraße 6, D - 54329 Konz
Volumen: 750 mL
Weintyp: Weißwein
Verpackung: Flasche (Korken)
Lebensmittelspezifikationen: Alkoholhaltig
Artikelgewicht: 1,50 Kg
Inhalt:0,75 l
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